Bob Havey is an author and freelance writer who spent more than 40 years working in the communications industry, beginning his career in 1969 at The Los Angeles Herald Examiner, in Los Angeles, CA.

He has written upwards of one-hundred columns, which he is currently compiling into book form, and is also working on a children’s book, Zoot The Gypsy Cat.

Bob and his wife, Berta, have lived in Easton, MA since 1997 and have three children and four grandchildren.

 On January 22nd, 1994; the Havey’s middle child, Erin, lost her valiant twenty-two month battle to leukemia just six weeks before her seventeenth birthday. Bob’s latest book, Be Not Dismayed: A story of spiritual triumph recounts the Havey family’s journey through this horrific ordeal. It is a story of astounding faith born of profound desperation; a story of the triumph of light over darkness.

Why a loving God would allow anyone, especially a child, to suffer the horrible effects of a debilitating disease is incomprehensible to most. To those individuals, Be Not Dismayed: A story of spiritual triumph, offers the promise of hope where there seems to be no hope. It demonstrates the immense magnitude of God’s grace, faithfulness and restorative power in the disconsolate face of tragedy, despair and the final enemy – death.

Be Not Dismayed is available at Bob may be reached at


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